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The cables on this page can be used to extend the reach of standard pin headers.

The cables are for use with standard 2.54mm pitch pin headers.

Extensions for other size connectors are available on request.

Please note these cables should not be used to extend USB and Firewire port pin headers. These require specially constructed cables. Please see the USB and Firewire cables section.

Extension cable for 10 pin header

10 pin extension cable
Cable for extending the reach of a 10 pin 2x5 way pin header.

2x5 way Female connector at one end, way Male connector at the othe.

For use with standard 2.54mm pitch pin headers.

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Set of 5 two pin extension cables

set of 2 pin extension cables for front panel, led's etc
Set of 5 cables for extending the reach of a 2 pin header.

Each cable has a 2 way female connector at one end and a 2 way male connector at the other.

For use with standard pitch 2.54mm pitch headers.

These cables can be used for extending the reach of any 2 way pin header. They are often used for extending the power, reset and LED status pins on the front panel connector on a motherboard.

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2-3 or 3-2 way pin adaptor

2 to 3 / 3 to 2 pin header adaptor
Adaptor for converting -
  • A 1x2 way to a 1x3 way pin header connector.
  • A 1x3 way connector to a 1x2 way pin header connector.

    These adaptors are typically used for front panel connections where the cables supplied with a PC case do not match those used on the motherboard.

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